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Different kinds of available web hosting services are offered all over the internet, such as, cloud-based web hosting, virtual private server, self-service hosting, etc. and often users find it difficult in choosing the best WordPress hosting site for them to choose from. There are a few of rules in picking up the best web hosting services and we take into consideration the following.

Hands on tips when choosing the best WordPress hosting service

  • Hosting service that provides value for money.  
  • Hosting service which are recommended by web masters.
  • It should be responsive enough during the peak hours.
  • Hosting service providing great technical support.

If you still have no clue on what WordPress Hosting service you should choose from, we are here to help. Below are some of the top ranked WordPress hosting services available online with comparisons, on how each of the rank according to the other.

Top ranked WordPress hosting services

GoDaddy a simple, affordable web hosting service with expert help available 24/7 ranks on top of the list of web hosting services. Providing domain names at reasonable prices, is one of the said to be one of the largest domain registrars with over 30% of the market share. GoDaddy not only provides hosting services hosting services, it also provides services such as, online marketing tools, SEO optimization, sub domain, etc.

Providing webhosting since 2002, HostGator is now one of the most recognized global web hosting providers in the industry. HostGator is known to provide affordable plans, being one of the budget-friendly hosting services for developers alike. The 45-day money back guarantee is what draws in customers to the site. If any issues seem to pop-up from the site, you will still be able to get the purchase price back with 45 days prior notice. 

This hosting service provides you with a free domain and SSL certificate included for the 1st year of initial hosting of your site. You can boost up your WordPress hosting with deals offered here like no other. Since 2003, BlueHost has powered over 2 million websites worldwide.

With uptime speeds of up to 99.99% SiteGround ranks as on of the top web hosting companies of all time. This up time speed guarantees you that your WordPress site is almost going to up and running throughout the day. The start-up plans is said to be around $3.95 with free offers provided along with it, such as, free site builder, free SSL and HTTPs certifications, free CloudFlare CDN and much more.

This platform is optimized for speed of delivery, with a variety of plans to choose from for as low as $0.99. Offering a secure way in which you can protect your site from DDoS attacks, with daily backups of the site being made. It offers analytics too which can be integrated with WordPress to offer the clients with a high quality of features.

Offering you with a 97-day money back guarantee, DreamHost helps you fully test out the service without having you to risk all the money you’ve invested. An exceptional customer service and affordable rate starting from around $2.59 is being offered through DreamHost. Their commitment for security offers you a guaranteed place to send your information throughout.  

Specifically built for WordPress sites it’s one. With premium WordPress themes being offered by the hosting service. Initial start up for a basic site costs around $35 per month. Recommended for users who are just starting, since it offers you a tailored experience according to your needs.

How to choose the best WordPress hosting provider

If you are new to webhosting and have still no idea on which plan to choose from, having a hosting company help you with technical support will give you an overview on the best hosting service for you too choose from.

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