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General Public License is similar to free software licenses; however, it is not free in terms of costs and pricing. It is free in terms of,

  1. Anyone having the freedom to run the program for any purpose they require.
  2. Anyone has the freedom to distribute the license after any modifications.
  3. Freedom to study how the program works internally.

In simple, it means anyone has the freedom to run, modify, distribute and change the software according to their requirements. Since anyone has the ability to make changes to the software according to their requirements, they have the ability to make the software according to their needs.

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Anyone has the ability to distribute the license for free without charging any costs at all. Themes, plugins, you name it, you have the ability to distribute and modify anything which contains GPL license.

Are General Public License products illegal?

You might think that that being able to modify and distribute the software at absolutely no cost if illegal but think again! It’s absolutely 100% legal. Anyone who holds the license that adheres to the terms and conditions is provided with the permission to do distribute, modify as well as copy the code at no cost. However, you cannot claim that you are the original owner of the software.

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Benefits of using General Public License Software

You have the ability to use the code and learn from it in whatever form you want. However, many commercial users do not have the ability to use the code and therefore, they will not contribute to it.

Are General Public License Product Safe?

GPL is just the license been provided for software, it has nothing to do with whether the software is secure or not. Therefore, you cannot determine the trustworthiness of the software by whether it has been included with a GPL license or not.

GPL is used by thousands of developers alike, from open source projects to personal projects, having a huge success in the marketplace.

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